Maria Mastrogianni

Certified Life Coach

Maria Mastrogianni was born in Skyros Island, Greece in 1973. In 1990 she moved to Athens in order to start and complete her first degree (BSc in Information Science) in Athens University of Economics and Business. In 2007, and after 10 years of working experience, she moved to London UK for more studies in Information Science: a Masters degree (MSc) in Information Systems and Technology and Project Management, awarded with distinction.

During this process of continuous improvement, literally her own journey of education, training, life and working experience, she found herself being immensely attracted by the Human Sciences and she was eager to learn more, to digest more and to integrate all these with her natural talents and skills. In London, she met with life coaching and, after she decided to complete these studies as well, she was awarded the Life Coaching Diploma by The Coaching Academy with distinction.

Her redirected mission in life is to give back to the community her own breed of success - the inspiration, the vision, the "how to" and the logistics of the Delightful Living manufacturing.

Presents of Now

The Philosophy

The term ‘philosophy’ might not be the most suitable one for 'Delightful Living'. Because although it is initially understood as a study (and the term “philosophy” basically refers to a study, so unveiling a set of principles forming a “theory”), Presents of Now goes further than that. It is extended to the actual steps and the practical roadmap from the principles to the application.


Presents of Now offers a perspective to the mystery around happiness. An perspective not only from the philosophical point of view but, as already mentioned, after establishing the principles in theory, it paves the roadmap to everyday happiness with exact steps.


More specifically, you will get clarity around:


  • The three dimensions of human experience, so the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. In Presents of Now, happiness pertains the three dimensions of human experience: the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. Moreover, it brings together these three dimensions without distortion, or vague generalizations and without confusing one for another. It brings them closer by respecting their differences and, more specifically, by evaluating what each has to offer and the reason each was created for.

  • The goal each dimension of human experience seeks to fulfill. In Presents of Now, each dimension fulfills a specific purpose, a certain aim or goal. All together they create the full “depth” of human experience. So, what it means to live.

  • The state defining each dimension. This is related to how humans experience life in all three dimensions and how this creates conflict. Presents of Now comes to shed light on this conflict so that you clarify the way forward in your pathway to happiness.

  • The process to follow so that you know not only what to expect but also how it will be delivered to you. Presents of Now helps resetting the expectations clearly regarding the process to be followed for and from each dimension.

  • The resolution and the form it is fulfilled in all three dimensions of living experience. The resolution that brings relief to everyone interested and it is related to the actual, tangible happiness manifestations in your life experience, in all three dimensions.

Delightful Living is the gentle and respectful approach with regards to the three dimensions of living experience: the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. But at the same time, it is a substantial response to the perpetuate quest for human happiness.