Group Meditation

Feel Better

In Group Mediatation we are working on a specific theme as agroup and learn the basics of the meditation technique. There are three stages in the process: meditation of the breathing, meditation of the body and meditation of the thoughts. Being part of the community will help you feel better as individuals focus on the same issue and share experiences . The sessions will provide you with the tools to get imediate relief from what is bothering you and, after establishing a certain level of clarity, to decide the next steps. 


Plan Ahead


Although meditation is primarily used as a tool to relax and calm your mind, it is also a great tool that can help you with your goals and plans for the future. During the sessions you will learn how to use meditation to start with your goals, decide the next step and plan further. It can also help you get yourself a vision if you dont have one and clarify your purpose in life. As soon as a clearer vision is established, it can help you, in coordination with the coaching sessions, to start working on these steps one by one and bring your dreams to life.

Start Now

If you are interested in the upcoming events of Group Meditation sessions, please contact us to send you an update. Or, if you want to join a specific group event, visit our store below to purchase your session and we will contact you within 24-48 hours.