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Everyone loves a story with a happy ending. That's good news for me, because that's exactly what I have - plenty of success stories with happy endings. As you'll see, each story is unique, but they all feature people who decided to make a positive change with Life Coaching, chose Maria for their procedure, and loved the results they achieved.

Christina Paneli


"Life Coaching has been an amazing experience for me. It has altered the way I perceive difficult situations and helped me stand my ground where I needed. Maria has definitely helped me throughout the process, always showing respect and kindness, but also keeping a steady pace towards the goals I was setting. She was always helpful and provided me the right questions that got me unstuck and kept me moving towards my goals. I am deeply grateful and happy for the insight and the time of our coaching."

Maria Dourali


"The most important thing with the coaching with Maria is that no matter how difficult a situation is I still have unlimited options, as long as I think in another way than usual."

Mohinish K. 

United Kingdom

"Maria has a unique questioning technique and well developed understanding with great listening power. There are many things I learned in my coaching sessions with Maria, such as concentration and commitment which Maria depicts in her communication. Maria is a highly confident person with a thirst for knowledge who always keeps room for further development."

Zeenat Noorani

United Kingdom

"I had the privilege of working with Maria as my coach for the past two months. Her bubbly, positive and spiritual nature makes coaching sessions fun, playful and most importantly insightful to my development! Maria has helped me session after session in holding me accountable and encouraging me to become aware of the importance of carrying out my actions. As a coach she is very attentive and she is showing great professionalism. I am grateful to Maria for having built a strong and trustful relationship."

Katerina S. 


"My sessions with Maria have been an eye-opening experience. I started scared and without concrete goals that I wanted to achieve. Maria helped me to prioritize, analyze, break down my goals and have clean actions upon it. After each session, I had better learning of myself."

Kurt M. 

United Kingdom

"Maria's style was easy and well structured. She went through the sessions effortlessly. Her questions and approach were really on target and helped me gain clarity in areas, in about and around my goal, that I didn't have before. I highly recommend Maria as a coach."

Chiedza Rwodzi

United Kingdom

"My initial impression from Maria was that she was warm and friendly which made me feel at ease. Maria really knew what she was doing and this was clear in her delivery. I also felt that there was a natural rapport which enabled me to open up and talk and express my ideas more succinctly."

Ed Peters

United Kingdom

"Maria is friendly, engaging and highly professional in her approach. As client she put me at ease showed a genuine interest in the issues I raised and she was encouraging at all times. Her carefully structured session made sure that everything was brought together in a clear and sequential way."

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