Online Meditation Gatherings (OMG) is a unique service offering online meetings in a private group of people three (3) times per week. Every meeting is performed via internet, through a live broadcast on YouTube platform to the group members only.


As a member of the group, you can do the following:

  • Watch the live broadcast on the YouTube platform

  • Participate in the activities communicated online (meditation, gratitude exercise)

  • Leave your comments, ideas, thoughts and communicate with other group members


I know first hand that a supporting environment of love, positivity and acceptance is the greatest resource I can have so that I overcome any obstacle. Furthermore, not only to overcome but also to succeed in whatever goal I put in my mind. I am utterly grateful that I have enjoyed such a supporting environment when I absolutely needed it, in a very difficult period of my life. And that I was seeing in these eyes only love and support. I am not referring to any loving partner but to Despina , my personal psychotehrapist who nurtured my hurt soul better than a mother and offered me a positive place to be in difficult times. Of course,  Despina did not come accidentally to my life. as I had already tried and rejected other professionals in the same field, but with whom I did not share the same mindset.

Many years have passed since then but I have been taught a lesson once and for all. That LOVE, ACCEPTACE and a SUPPORTING ENVIRONMENT is mostly what we need in life. Now, in my own field, as a life coach, I envision to offer people the same environment to develop; the same climate to flourish. Online Meditation Grathering (OMG) program is for everyone who wants to improve something in their life. I have chosen meditation and gratitude exercise as the main tools in our meetings.


Τhe service will support you in the following:

  • To participate in a group with positive energy

  • To adopt beneficial habits in your daily life

  • To enjoy peace and harmony in stressful days

  • To restore the relationship with yourself and know yourself better

  • To find unique solutions to problems bothering you

  • To discover the best way to love yourself

  • To establish your emotional balance

  • To feel confident and emotionally secure

  • To distinguish what is good for you and what not

  • To take decisions in relation to important issues

  • To get rid of the negative energy accumulated during the day

  • To attract more positive things, people and emotions in your life

  • To cultivate your inspiration and creativity

  • To aquire clarity with regards to your next step

  • To have the most important resource towards any goal


In order to join the program, the following must be in place: 

  • PC or laptop or mobile

  • Internet access

  • Online Meditation - monthly subscription


The cost for the Online Meditation - monthly subscription is 30 euros: 

  • Only monthly subscription is available.

  • Monthly subscription is when you pay for the service of one month only and it is active from the date of purchase. The subscription will expire in one month's time and, after that if you wish to continue the service, you have to make another purchase (monthly subscription).

  • For example, if you purchased a monthly subscription on 16th of October 2020, it will expire on 15th of November 2020.

  • As a new customer, after you buy the first monthly subscription, you get the next one month for FREE!

For the Online Meditation - monthly subscription, go HERE.

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You will find below more information on the Online Meditation Gatherings (OMG) program.


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I am not here to teach you. I am not a teacher. What I envision to share with you is totally practical; it is all about the hands-on-experience; it is the real thing. Not another lesson; only pure positive action.




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