As an active subscriber of the OMG service you will be able to participate at the online scheduled meetings that take place on the YouTube platform solely for the members of this group. Our aim is to make our everyday life even better as we explore new ways that are feasible now and that we have never dreamed of before. We are looking forward to meeting you online, in our live meetings so that we make our life and the world a better place!

The OMG group meetings take place LIVE on the YouTube platform solely for the active subscribers of the service. The meetings take place three (3) times per week, so Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday at 19:30. Each meeting is of 1 hour duration. The schedule might change some days but the number of meetings per week remains three (3).

In case a meeting is rescheduled for another time within the same week, all members will be notified in advance for the new date and time. There is no replacement for the meetings that took place but you have not attended. Just do your best and join us in the next meeting!

In order to join the OMG live meetings, the following must be in place: 

  • PC or laptop or mobile

  • Internet access

  • OMG monthly subscription


The OMG monthly subscription is active from the date of purchase for one (1) month. This means that you pay for the service of one month starting from the day you made the purchase. The subscription will expire in one month's time and, after that if you wish to continue the service, you have to make another purchase (monthly subscription). For example, if you purchased a monthly subscription on 16th of October 2020, it will expire on 15th of November 2020.


Once purchased (monthly subscription), there are no full or partial refunds offered for the amount already paid.


If it is your first monthly subscription, follow the below steps:

A) Go to Login page and select "SIGN UP"


B) In SIGN UP page, insert the email address you have used to make the purchase (for verification purposes) and a password of your choice. Then, select "Sign Up".

C) Wait until your membership registration is completed. You will get the approval notification email in 24-48 hours.

When all A, B, C steps are completed you can continue to login to members area (STEP 2).

When STEP 1 is completed, you will be able to login to members area as follows:

A) Go to Login page and insert the email address and password you used for the sign up.


B) Then, select "Log In".

When both A, B steps are completed you should have access to members area to check the meetings schedule and join (STEP 3).

When STEP 2 is completed, you are in the OMG members area where you can find the information about meetings scheduled for the current week.


For each meeting there is:

  • The date/time that the meeting takes place

  • The link for the meeting. Click ON THE IMAGE to join the meeting. The link for the live meeting will be activated 15 minutes before the scheduled date/time and it will remaing active until the end of the meeting.

When you join the live meeting at the scheduled date/time, feel free to:

  • Watch the live video

  • Participate in the activities (meditation, gratitude exercise) taking place during the meeting

  • Leave your comments, ideas, thoughts in the comments section and communicate with other group members

Please note that SIGN UP (STEP 1) and LOG IN (STEP 2) occur only once, but you can use STEP 3 to join the scheduled meeting afterwards.

Alternatively, you can access the members area for OMG live meetings from the main menu in this webpage. As seen in picture below, you go to the main menu and select MEMBERS AREA under VIDEO.


pexels-pixabay-268134 (1).jpg


Find below all the instructions on how to join the Online Meditation Gatherings program (OMG).


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