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Believe in yourself

The process of having faith and believe in yourself might be a long and painful process. Not all people cross the finish line. Life Coaching can help you with self-confidence because it works as a mirror reflecting back to you what you do or you don't do in order to enjoy a fully confident self and to accelerate the process as well.  “Believe in myself” does not mean to inflate my ego or to act selfishly. “Believe in myself” means to live in harmony with what I perceive as myself and the world around me so that I am effective and efficient in what I do and want to achieve. 

Creating opportunities

It is not true that because some of us have not a wealthy father, husband, partner, friend or because some of us are no longer teenagers and we have already taken some steps in our life, or because some of have families and children (thus, “obligations” of some kind) that we should not also have dreams and hope for a better life. Sometimes we think “that’s the way it is” and we do not do anything to change that. Now, you can start with identifying what “better life” means to you and create your own opportunities. Now, Life Coaching can help you with achieving your own personal goals. Now, you can. 

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Live your dream

When we say “I want to chase my dream” we imply that it is “me” and it is also the “dream” existing somewhere independently; somewhere outside “me”. Life Coaching can help you notice that you and your dream are one and that when you target your dream, you target to become this person who is able to live that dream. Life Coaching can help you identify the way through which all of your dreams will be realized, not because you will have won the lottery but because you will have become this person who is physically, emotionally and spiritually capable to experience you: meaning the life of your dreams.

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I change the future

I change the future means I change today. I change the future means I make a small step, a small action today; I do something different today from what I was doing yesterday. I change the future means I take the responsibility today for something I want to continue doing tomorrow. I change the future means I create a new habit today or I change my routine today. I change the future means I am ready to face my beliefs, my fears and my assumptions today. I change the future means I decide differently today. 

My success story


I will help you build a life you love and be the best you have ever imagined 

In the timeline span (past-present-future), Life Coaching is preoccupied: 

  • With the past (as needed) so that we dissolve any obstacles blocking us from living in the present and planning our future.

  • With the future (as needed) so that we take the necessary steps in the present and work on our goals.

  • Basically with the present. Because it is the only time we ever truly have. By improving our lives in the present we can be sure that we will enjoy our dreamy endeavors in the “future”. But if our dream is just a mental pleasure then we will never be satisfied; not even after reaching our dream, since we will be occupied chasing our next mental delight. For our goal to have a meaning it needs to be experienced in some point in time and the only time we can experience it is the present moment. Any other kind of “time” (past or future) is psychological time. Life coaching can help you focus in the present and plan your future at the same time. And this includes both achieving and enjoying your goals.

"A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want."


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