I present to you the true experience of actualizing a dream.




Physical, emotional,

and spiritual health

Well-being is my everyday job, my timeless occupation

For the first 30 years, I was living unconsciously, experiencing life through a wounded-self and enduring subliminal pain due to past and social conditioning. Then, I decided to break this cycle and engaged in a committed relationship with someone ‘to love and complete me’. When this relationship ended five years later I was naturally forced to revisit “my story” and it was that time when the real transformation towards self-confidence started.

While approaching the fourth decade of my life and the self-confidence stage was adequately fulfilled, I experienced the first significant life-changing breakthrough in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental dimension. These same steps were the first steps towards self-realization.

By then, I am intrinsically motivated to realize my full potential and to experience life according to my true values and strengths.

Live your dream


Past, present and



As a project manager, I understand the benefits of an efficient planning

Project management involves coaching in most of its course and it is a profession I enjoy experiencing for more than 15 years. Although most of my professional experience is in IT industry, it is more than a job for me; it is part of my essence.  I have used my project management and coaching skills to achieve all my  professional and personal goals which I treated with careful planning, diligence and devotion. Starting from the latest, some of these successfully delivered "personal projects" are:

  • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (The Coaching Academy - London – Nov, 2017 with distinction)

  • Certification in Personal Performance Coaching (The Coaching Academy - London - July, 2016)

  • Project Management Certifications (PMP/PRINCE2)

  • MSc in Information Systems and Project Management (City University - London – Oct, 2008 with distinction)

  • BSc in Computer Science (Athens University of Economics and Business – Oct, 1996)

As a project manager I understand the benefits of a good planning; how to set an effective goal, how to break it down into smaller pieces, to care for resources, to allow for time and cost and to deliver on schedule. Furthermore, it is about how to use the wisdom of re-planning when things go off track and allow for the necessary flexibility until the finish line. In this journey I have enjoyed learning the value of well-being as opposed to well-planning.

Creating opportunities

Look for successful solutions





As a coach, I honour the uniqueness of your own path

I am most pleased and proud to be on the path of emotional mastery and self-love. This is the coronation of self-confidence and the foundation of self-realization; the capability to bring into light (from the fuzziness of the unconscious mind) the manifestations of past conditioning and the processing of hard feelings (like anger, sadness, hurt, guilt and shame) and, thus, their transformation at the stage of conception; the capability to learn how to be a creator and not a reactor; the determination to be the Hero in the Hero’s journey.

My legacy to you is the inspiration and, beyond that, the journey towards self-realization: discover who you are, love yourself and get into the flow to accept and deliver your gifts to the world. You can start anytime to experience a profound, rewarding, pain-free and fearless life.

I change the future

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I am not here to teach you. I am not a teacher. What I envision to share with you is totally practical; it is all about the hands-on-experience; it is the real thing. Not another lesson; only pure positive action.




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