The Goal

What we all have in common is very simple: we want to be happy. But why, although happiness is a seemingly intrinsic goal of human nature, it is also so elusive and difficult to reach? We used to say "I want to be happy in my life". But what we simplistically call “my life” is not a single thing. It is not a single living experience either. In fact, we humans experience life in three dimensions: the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. Thus, if we could distinguish a unique and different goal in each dimension, how this would improve our situation and relation to "happiness"? In the next sections we will explore what the goal of each dimension is, how it differentiates from case to case and how this translates in practical terms to reaching happiness in a more comfortable and easy way.

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The Body

The Body Loves Joy

The human experience in the Body dimension is all about feeling. This includes both physical and emotional feelings. The feelings overall and more specifically, the most positive feeling of all: joy. Joy is the goal, the aim of the experience in the Body dimension. Joy is the basic need to fulfill, the direct purpose. Joy for all the tasteful meals, the glorious sunsets, the scented roses, the harmonious melodies, the cozy hugs. Joy for all the lovely feelings we encounter. The Body loves joy, in every sense.

A New Way of Feeling 

In Presents of Now, each dimension fulfills a specific aim or goal. All together, they create the full “depth” of human experience. So, what it means to live. The goal of the experience in the Body dimension is joy. If you want o bring emotional stability in a positive way and you feel more pain than joy discover a revolutionary way to recover from pain, revisit what joy means to you and invite in your life a new way of feeling.

The Mind

The Mind Loves Purpose

The human experience in the Mind dimension is all about thinking. This includes both conscious and unconscious thoughts. All this activity taking place in our brain works towards a specific goal: to help us survive, to sustain life. So, purpose is the goal, the aim of the experience in the Mind dimension. Purpose that takes the form of our efforts consciously. And purpose that is performed unconsciously respecting the main life obligation inherently attached to everyone: to go on.

A New Way of Thinking

One of the biggest misconceptions today is that happiness is elusive and always slips away. But happiness as a feeling, thought and state of being is real if we bring in the right dimension. The goal of the experience in the Mind dimension is purpose. If you suffer from your thinking activity, discover how to redirect your efforts to your own purpose and install a new way of thinking.

The Spirit

The Spirit Loves Peace

The human experience in the Spirit dimension is all about “being’. This means ‘to be” in connection with everything inside me and around me, with “Source" or “God”. For this connection to take place, the experience should be flowing in harmony and peace. Peace in the form of wholeness, unity, undisturbed being-ness which is realized in the Spirit dimension. This being-ness, or peace, is the goal in the Spirit dimension. The Spirit loves peace. The peace that transforms our experience from singleness to unity and oneness.

A New Way of Being

Our basic struggle and hardships in life derive from the fact that we do not recognize the three dimensions as different, and in our effort to unify our experience of them and to feel “whole”, we practice a “one size fits all” approach. The goal of the experience in the Spirit dimension is peace. If you feel disoriented and stresful, discover how you can establish back your peace and maintain a new way of being.