I will help you define your wellness goals clearly and make sure you reach them this year.



Performance coaching

I'm here to serve the kind of wellness that resonates with you. I hold on to your dream every step of the way

  • Healthy routine

  • Good habits vs addictions

  • Self-love and self-care

  • Authentic self and authentic life

  • Spirituality in everyday life 

  • Mind activity and mindfulness

  • Happiness

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence 

  • Loneliness and single-hood

  • Work-life balance and quality of life 

  • Communication skills / interpersonal relationships

  • Fulfillment, life meaning, life purpose

  • Decision making

  • Resilience to stress and anxiety 

  • Emotional growth and emotional intelligence

Career coaching


Relationship coaching

Investigate alternative states of consciousness.

Rejoice the wellness that liberates to full all encompassing love

Wellness coaching is related to all types of “well-being”, starting from what we eat, our physical status and the quality of our sleep up to what we are thinking and how this impacts our everyday functioning, our relationships with others, our relationship with money, our professional occupation, the reason we wake up in the morning, our life purpose and whatever we define as our “wellness” in general.

It can also be our spiritual approach to life and especially for women might be the changes we face in different phases of our life as we experience changes in our body and we age.

I have been gone through all these issues during my life course as well and due to my personal extensive research on the matter I have discovered what works for me. Wellness is my everyday occupation and as a result I enjoy a great relationship with myself on the basis of this wellness.

As your coach, I will help you discover your authentic self and, moreover, all the aspects of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness that are tailored to your personality type and life conditions. I will help you discover the most effective tools for you to reach wellness so that you use something that works for you and can be part of your daily life. All of these tools (meditation, nutrition, mindfulness etc) can be adjusted to your needs and daily schedule so that you look and feel your best.


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My success story


"After working with Maria as my coach in the 6 past months and after experiencing a very difficult period in my life emotionally, physically and mentally, I feel I was born again. Only this time, I orchestrated this birth. I learned how to breathe again minute by minute, day after day. I crawled and I stood up in slow motion but I feel I am a winner. Not because "I got my life back" but because I redesigned it - even better this time."

Kindergarten teacher  - Athens

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I am not here to teach you. I am not a teacher. What I envision to share with you is totally practical; it is all about the hands-on-experience; it is the real thing. Not another lesson; only pure positive action.




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